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We know how it is in the beginning – when you are starting your new business. Therefore, we support you from the start – with counseling, providing support with all opening procedures, setting up the system and so much more. Then your business runs smoothly.



We Can Do it All

We cover all accounting and business services. From company registration and communication with government departments to usual accounting jobs, analysis and reporting, we will always support you.

*depending on the package



Company registration and other registration processes with government departments (DBD, Tax Department…)

System Setup

Accounting system setup from scratch, according to your needs and plans. Adjustments and fine tuning during the use and company growth.



PND. 1, 2, 3, 51, 53 (WHT)

PP. 30, 36 (VAT)

General Ledger

Automatic and manual booking of all transactions. Monthly calculations and bookings. Budgeting based on general ledger data and your plans.



Weekly reconciliations in order to keep your accounting and real business in sync.


Sales and Purchases
Fixed Assets
Profit & Loss


Documents Preparation*


Tax Invoice

Witholding Tax Certificate

Free Services*


WHT Online System

Xero Online Accounting


Simple Steps To Make It Work

Interview & Plan

Invite us over for coffee to discuss your business and plans. Your information will help us to understand you better and establish the grounds for further collaboration.

Feel free to share your ideas!

System Setup

We can help you with your accounting system setup. From designing how your documents will look like and what data will be included, to setting up the chart of accounts.

We can do it all!


The online accounting system we use allows us to make a wide range of adjustments on the go. It will grow according to your company’s growth.

Our help and support are always included.


Pricing Models For Every Need

Our service packages have been created for two the most usual cases. However, we are always ready to customize our offer and tailor it to your specific needs – with fair price in the end.

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